Sharing with family members. Getting alert to subscribe to Cam Plus

I am sharing my account with my Spouse and daughter. I have Cam Plus, on their devices when I click on Person, Package, Vehicle, etc… I am getting an alert to subscribe to Cam Plus. Why is this happening, I am a Cam Plus subscriber to these services. If I share with my family they should have access to view what I am seeing on the Cams.

Also, looks like someone already added something in the forums for this same issue on Jan 21 and Mar 21 and it was marked as solved with no mentions of how it was solved.

I tried creating a ticket and received this alert (Sorry, your request could not be submitted at this time. Please try again later)

Here is an image what my spouse is seeing.

Are you sharing an account, like same email and password, or using the share function in the app?

I get this all the time

Clear cache in the app

In the account tab > app settings > clear cache

Force quit the app

Should fix it , i get this daily and still hasn’t been fixed

When I click on share I add her email account.

I tried this, I even removed the app and sign her in using her email. I then stopped sharing, waited for a few mins and then added her to sharing. When I click on Person or package I get the same alert. The only thing I could click on is Motion and that’s it.

The Cam Plus XXX Service Licenses are a parent child relationship to the Primary Account and the Device.

The license is purchased and assigned to your primary account (The parent)
You apply the license to the device (the child)
You share the device (the child). Where the licenses is applied to but not assigned to the child (The Device).

In your use case. You could create a shared “primary” account and share that account with your family members vs the device… essentially sharing your login credentials with your family.

And support the wish list item, after looking there appears to be a couple of similar requests.

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