Sharing video to help improve AI

There needs to be a text entry for sharing video since a lot of the options don’t pertain to the videos. What option do I pick for a spider???


Unless it is a Pet, I would have picked nothing. :slight_smile:

But I agree, a Text Entry would work for the odd items. For Example, I have a lot fo Squirrels around here, would like to pick Animal and not Pet.


Bumping to raise awareness and the hope someone will add “animal” or “wild animal” to the list of options. Not a lot of squirrels on my cams, but definitely a lot of birds.

I will see how we can get new things added, for now, you may be able to simply select Pet.


There is a Wish List for this item, you can go here and add your comments on what should be part of the AI list and make sure you also vote:

Need an option for snowfall. Mine triggers all the time for snow falling off trees

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There is an option for bugs and I’ve been submitting over 100 videos due to one camera that gets a lot of them, yet it’s not once labeled any video as a bug. The AI is just not learning!