Sensors and Rule Overrides? Or More logicl connectors ie: if and/or logic?

I have a pretty good idea on the answer to this, but maybe I am missing the forest for the tree here in the way I am looking at things…

I’ve got several of the climate sensors setup to do some monitoring (I am in the process of getting all the sensors entry, climate, leak, motion etc. setup before I turn on the SUBSCRIPTION to HMS/Noonlight… namely getting the sensors here, and mounts from Etsy etc. here to mount them.)

Right now I use a climate sensor (off label use!) OUTSIDE (I am aware it NOT made for that! I have it in a SEALED BOX… I will make it more like a “Stevenson Screen” later… for now it does what I need:

Outside Temp BELOW x Thermostat to HEAT MODE
Outside Temp ABOVE y Thermostat to AC MODE

Works great…

What I’d like to do is:

#1 Lab Temp Above w turn on fan
#2 Lab Temp Below z turn off fan

These two rules EXIST NOW for “lab Fan” Outlet Controller (White ones)


If OUTSIDE TEMP is ABOVE a TURN ON Lab Fan, YES a and w above, are DIFFERENT!

Lab Fan is a Outlet controller ( the single white ones)

The issue BECOMES that I need to OVERRIDE RULE #2 for Lab Fan so that EVEN IF Lab Temp is BELOW z but OUTSIDE TIME IS ABOVE a turn the fan back on! So the outside is warming up, so its time to turn the fan on so not to try to cool down, but keep the cool we have…

As I see it now these things are just going to fight each other… The outside temp will say turn on the fan, the inside lab sensor will go NO TURN IT OFF!

I am probably just going to have to “relent” and accept the logic for the rules engine is not that advanced here, and adjust my temps to match when the fan comes on…which sort of mitigates some of the $$$ savings here…

I am either nailed the fight that will happen, or missing the trees for the forest in this… or both.

The idea is to have Lab fan come back on as outside temp rises to not be behind the curve as it were… This is not a climate controlled area as in heat/AC… My solution works for me… my “Lab Fan” can turn over the air in this location 3x area in about 20 minutes or so… So it works for me… and the stuff in “my Lab.”

When its cool enough for a few months of the year I’d like to turn the Lab Fan off, its loud, and ie waste $$$ on electric to run (till I degrid the whole thing, which then its even more important to turn the thing off! :slight_smile: )

Am I missing the If/and/or logic in the rules engine some how???