Sense + Bulb + Shortcut = Garage Door Warning

You are correct about getting the notifications every time the door opens or closes. I’m OK with that for the moment but will be researching other options before moving to the light bulb solution.

Here’s a post I wrote earlier that outlines one alternative.

I use IFTTT to smartthings to webcore to achieve this. doors close if there is no motion in the garage for 10 minutes. If motion starts again before closing… reset the timer.

$10 battery. Where do you live?? I am also curious because my sensor is installed in the coldest spot on the door. We will see in a few months.

I’m outside Chicago, and even with an insulated garage, it gets pretty cold in there. I don’t want to burn a $10 battery every month of winter, especially when it’d be cold when I have to replace it. If that’s the case, it’d be cheaper (and lazier) to buy a small powered PCB with a connected door sensor and avoid the issue altogether.

What ?
CR1632 batteries don’t cost $10 for one battery

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EBay has a 2 pack CR1632 for $1.79 and free shipping. :grin:

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I was only repeating what the previous poster said. (They’re on Amazon for 20 for $10.) But it’s not about the cost–I don’t want to have to replace the battery more than, say, twice a year.

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Sold by CELEWELL® and Fulfilled by Amazon.

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Even that’s expensive. :slight_smile:


I can’t say if those are good or bad , never had any

I am in the burbs of Chicago. I have had mine since they came out. I have 2 motion sensors in my garage and they are still running the original batteries. I am willing to sacrifice a few for science to see how they last during the winter.

Summer testing has gone well so far.

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That’s creative but a just a single contact sensor would be simpler i think. I’m sure you’ve got your reasons, it is something that you could easily thought of.

Have one set up on my garage door here in central Illinois. I’ll know more this winter when we hit sub zero temperatures. So far so good though. Garage door goes up lights inside come on. Also notifies me that door is closed, I sometimes forget.

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Ok Steven. Can you please share what link you are using to the lights from the sensor?

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You can create a rule in the Wyze app to turn on lights when the sensor opens.

Bill…just go to your Wyze app…tap the three dots in the upper right…that should bring up a menu at the bottom of the page…choose Add/Edit Rules…blank page with header “rules “ a + on the right and < on the left…choose the+…choose device trigger and follow the directions. Remember the lights and sensor must be set up first on the app, then follow the directions above.

Good Luck…let me know how it turns out…

Steven Draksler

What you are saying (I think) is that this works with wyze lights and is not ready to integrate with Alexa controlled stuff? Would that be correct?

Bill…I have no experience with other lights or switches, I’m kink of a “Wyze “ guy, but yes you are correct. I don’t see why IFTTT wouldn’t work. Both devices need to have IFTTT capability. Wyze is, Alexa is, Newer Nest cameras aren’t older ones are.

I am able to control my Wyze lights with Alexa and the garage door switch also controls my Wyze bulbs, both being Wyze products.

Are you trying to control Wyze bulbs with another switch?

Steven Draksler

This works with any lights that are compatible with IFTTT. The Wyze sensors are available as a trigger (the IF part), and the other company’s lights can be used as the THAT. It’s extremely easy to set up, and it works flawlessly.