Sell Wyze band charger cables separately

I destroyed my cable (luckily I ordered two bands)

Also a screen protector would be nice too – even if its just a old school film one.


Still wish we could have more alarms (Maybe make it so you can have 10 but only 6 ACTIVE?)

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My understanding is that once the Bands are released outside of Early Access these posts will be moved to Wishlist, where you can vote on them and Wyze Devs will see the requests.

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Can you make Wyze Band additional charger cables available for purchase? They would be good as extra chargers for the car or travel bag, or as replacements for lost or broken units.


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Charger and cable went missing about 3 weeks ago at no longer use my watch.


I went on vacation and left the charge behind. I cant use my watch though I’ve tried to purchase another charger, they do not work. I think is a real shame that Wyze does not sell a replacement or at the least offer suggestion on other chargers that would work

I have both the Watch and the Band. I travel a lot and it is a pain to have to gather both cords before I leave. For ALL of my other electronics I have a travel bag with all the cords there. Not for the Wyze Band and Watch. PLEASE make it a priority to sell the charging cables separately.

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This is unreal. Is there no additional chargers available for the Wyze Band? This is disappointing since I just ordered one from my mother and she has a habit of losing the chargers.
I’m stuck an hour and a half away from my charger and I have 20% left on it and I have a week before I go back.

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I hate to say it but it would appear that they are too busy developing other products now that the band has been on the market so long.
This has been a request since the band was released.
It would appear that they want you to buy another band verses releasing another charger cable for purchase.
I still have one of the original bands that were released.
It still works great but if I loose/misplace or the charger breaks I will not buy another band just to replace the charger.
Sad to say it seems like they have become a company that is only looking forward and forgetting the past from whence they came.

I think you’re correct. I will not buy a new watch just to replace the charger. It’s a shame that they’re treating a customer this way especially early adopters. Meanwhile, the watch I bought & very much like will just sit there collecting dust
You may be aware of this but, going on 3 years now, the community has been pleading with Wyze to convert the Wyze app to landscape mode at the Home screen. Currently, it’s set up for portrait home view only. The change would make the app and all devices useful on a tablet mounted on the wall. Perhaps, they’re making their own device for this purpose…sad.

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