SD card Record on Event not matching Alert Notifications

What version of the software are you on?

I haven’t heard anything, but there was a new release of the software and more recently, new firmware (Pan only). There was a problem with Event videos that was addressed in the latest software release, but it was described as a different issue. When you have 12 second Event alerts and no SD video at that same time, it’s pretty obvious, but you still have to check to find the 1 minute video wasn’t saved. I have set mine to continuous record after finding the same thing you did. Unfortunately, the only way to audit to make sure all Events are at least notifying you, is to watch a continuous recording and look for motion tagged events that do not have a 12 sec video to match. @WyzeTao is looking at two I found tagged in my continuous playback on the 15th without an Event. He said it wasn’t in the record log, which I’m assuming is the camera log I submitted. If it wasn’t in the camera log, that should separate it from the notification issues everyone else was seeing. I’m going to stick with continuous record until I’m sure this is resolved. - Says I’m up to date. I tried Continuous Recording but had no luck viewing it in Playback. Slow to non responsive when scrolling to the time desired and when if does playback the time selected and the displayed time are not in sync on my Android LG phone. Thanks for your help and info!

The different settings between the camera Alerts and SD card needs to be addressed as well as the Playback performance.

Yep, that’s V2’s latest firmware. I’m not having the playback issues you mention. My biggest problems with playback is dropping the connection and having to view it on a phone and the numerous issues with that.

OK, thanks.

I gave up on Playback on my phone. If I really needed to use these cameras for security at this point I would set the camera to Continuous Recording, pull the SD card each day and dump the recording to my laptop for archive and/or viewing. With the issue of cameras ‘eating’ SD cards I try to reformat before they get full so something else to watch when using Continuous Recording

It is best, we use continuous recording, 128GB µSD, HD 1080p same firmware .64
Not sure this will or, will not help but, you might also try the ‘sync clock’ function in the advanced settings of the app. I doubt it has anything to do with this anomaly you’re experiencing, but you never know, it’s worth a shot.

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Question answered and it’s not good. The settings for Record on Event and the setting for the 12 second Event Alert are independent. The Record on Event is fixed and set at ‘50’. So regardless of what you set the detection zone for or the sensitivity you have no control over Record on Event. Terrible implementation in my opinion. I bought SD cards and would like to be able to control what is recorded on them and also increase the time from the silly 1 minute recording to something else. Until this issue is addressed I won’t be able to recommend this product for someone looking for true home security cameras.

Below is the answer I received from my open ticket.

Tanvi (Wyze)

Jan 31, 1:10 PM PST

Push Notifications are only for the 12 second Event clips

Record on Event motion detection sensitivity is not controlled by the motion detection sensitivity and set to 50, the default setting.

This would mean if you have the sensitivity up high the 12 second Event clip could trigger but maybe not the Record on Event as the sensitivity setting is lower.

I hope this helps !

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