RTSP settings feature request

I know this is in it’s early stages, and I’m very happy you all have added RTSP, but I was wondering if I could make one request. Could the ability to disable the audio on the RTSP stream be added. This cuts down on bandwidth, and makes it easier to deal with for those who don’t need audio on the RTSP stream.


Wouldn’t audio be a function of the client consuming the stream? Most RTSP stream clients should have an option of whether to retrieve audio.

Some NVRs have this capability, but the vast majority of clients have either a built in volume control in the app or, in the case of a phone or tablet, the speaker volume of that device. When streaming an RTSP stream to many other devices, it’s not an option that is easily addressed. For example, Crestron touch panels (and other control system user interfaces) don’t have the ability to disable the audio from the stream, so the only way to mute the audio would be to go into the touch panel settings and mute the internal speaker, which isn’t a viable option since end-users of these devices don’t even know how to do that. The reason I’m requesting this is because I’m testing the viability of using these cameras for streaming to Crestron panels. I’ve done testing with a lot of other brands and this is the first one where I was not able to find a setting to disable the RTSP audio stream (or even change the resolution of the RTSP stream). Most cameras provide the ability to set the resolution to lower resolutions, or they provide two RTSP streams (one low resolution and one high resolution).

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I agree. I looked to turn the audio off to reduce traffic and found no option to do so. This is a problem as in some confidential business settings it is illegal to record the audio making the camera not a viable option. Other camera providers do allow to reduce the quality of the video stream as well. Though that is not a feature I need or really want in my environment.

I would like the ability to turn off audio on RTSP as well. I incorrectly assumed the audio switch setting in the app applied to both the normal app view and the RTSP stream, but turns out I was wrong. Asking because I don’t want the audio captured by cameras in my house.