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To clarify for anyone scanning through or following this thread, Roku did not actually buy Wyze.

Wyze and Roku intend to remain separate companies. They simply have a partnership/agreement for Roku to expand into the Smart Home IoT industry. Even their devices are slightly different. You cannot flash firmware from one onto the other in order to make the device work for the other company because they are slightly different enough that the firmware won’t work for the opposite company.

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As @carverofchoice stated, Roku did not purchased Wyze. They have a Commercial Partnership with Roku


I would be patient on this. Matter compliant products and devices are starting to hit the market, Wyze is involved with Matter as well.

The Matter effort will allow for products to communicate with other matter products thereby eliminating some of the hurdles currently in place. I do know that some companies have decided to update their hubs first and not require a complete product or device replacement. The thought is that if you can get to the hub, you will be able to get to the devices attached to the hub.


That reply makes no sense, since Roku branded cams made by Wyze already work with Roku. The decisions not to allow Wyze cameras onto the Roku app is a choice not a technical challenge. Matter isn’t needed to solve this.

That choice is punishing a consumers who already purchased wyze products. And it’s going to drive new consumers to competitive product ecosystems like Amazon and Google.

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Understand what you are saying. I am not privy to what the agreements are between Roku and Wyze, so cannot respond to why the cameras work with Roku. They are running a different Firmware version and potentially other mods as well.

What I was trying to convey is that the Matter effort will allow devices to work across all platforms and not just one. So IMO, it makes more sense to work on the matter which will then allow shared functionality across multiple platforms instead of work on each separately.

This is only my opinion and as a developer, makes the most sense as you will get a more inclusive environment and not as stove-piped. Basically, develop it once with a standard process and use it in many areas.


No, it’s not a good answer to use Matter as the excuse for Roku. It was clearly a business decision and not a technical issue (saying the FW is different is also not a good point). Given the unusually bad decisions Wyze makes, the Roku “partnership” is just another in a long line of decisions that piss off their customers.

If I was looking at buying Wyze, I would now go the Roku route wouldn’t I? Cheaper and the same stuff. Will probably work with the TCL stuff too. Does the Roku price mean that Wyze is making less money, but is hoping for quantity? I wish someone had the guts to explain the logic and the future of this “partnership”.

You are just going to get fobbed off by people who don’t actually have the facts, but will tell you why they did it anyway. It’s a typical Wyze move to just make money and not do the right thing for their users.

Make Wyze devices work with the new Roku App

Ideally, customers should be able to choose between Wyze offerings and Roku offerings. Many people are invested in both companies and would like better integration. I know, you’re going to say “Matter!”, but you don’t control Roku. Your “partnership” decided this dumb strategy.

As I have said in the past, everyone is allowed their opinion. However, I am not making any excuses, nor am I an employee of Wyze. I am a seasoned developer and always know doing things once and having many uses for it is a better way to go. Matter is trying to do this, so no excuses here, just the reality of what Matter is trying to achieve.

If the Firmware is Different and you cannot install the Firmware on the different devices, then that is a valid answer. I cannot tell you if anything else has been modified, nor can anyone else with 100% certainty, except Wyze and Roku. So I deal in facts and not speculation.

Going to Roku is solely up to you and no one else, but I would cost the full cost of the products including the Cam Plus type of subscription to get person detection.

I for one, have been very happy with Wyze and its products and have no real desire to change from what I have.

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Viewing wyze product on Roku smart tv

Since wyze has partner with Roku creating a Roku camera and being able to pull all Roku camera on any Roku smart tv is that Roku should be able to create a channel to stream wyze camera on their platform

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It would be great to have a wyze app for ruku. You could use a tv for monitoring your biz or home etc

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Have a Wyze app that we can use on Roku.

We could use a Wyze Camera app that can be installed on Roku. It would be great to have our Security Cameras streaming on our TV’s.

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