Rogue Devices Connecting to my WIFI

I have 2 WYZE cameras connected to my secure WIFI. Recently I noticed 2 rogue devices connecting to my network. Through process of elimination I have these as coming from the WYZE cameras. These devices show up as ElectNova and WyzeLabs.

Even after I disconnect the cameras, delete the ElectNova and WyzeLabs devices and restart the network they show back up within minutes.

Can someone explain what is causing these devices to automatically connect to my network, what information they are capturing and where they are sending it to?

Thank you

Those aren’t rogue devices, those are your cameras. Wyze buys hardware with a Nova Electronics WiFi card and overwrites that hardware address with one specific to them. Sometimes that overwrite doesn’t work (they are currently investigating why). However, whether it reports Nova Electronics or Wyze Labs, it is your camera.

None of this is an indication of any information being sent anywhere. It is simply a lookup of the manufacturer associated with a given hardware address prefix (like ‘C8028F’ or ‘2CAA8E’)

There are other discussions on this subject. A Wyze employee answered in one of them here:

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Thank you. I found the WYZE response about 2 minutes after my post. I appreciate the info.