Robot Vacuum: Ability to Throttle Speed

My suggestion would be to add the ability to throttle the speed of the vacuum as it moves across the floor. There are a few times that I think my robot vacuum would pick up some debris if it were moving a bit slower across my vinyl flooring. I could see this feature operate in two ways:

  1. It could be expressed as three simple discrete speed settings (slow, regular, fast) much like how the suction level is currently toggled
  2. Create a numerical range where the user can specify like 1-10 or 1-100 depending on the granular ability that can be expressed.

This sounds like a great idea to me. If Wyze add this I would like to be able to customize the speed based on which room it’s in. It would be nice to do this with the suction as well like strong suction in the kitchen but quiet mode in the office.

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3 suction levels are available currently. Can be found in the app and if you set a schedule as well.

I would like to be able to clean the whole house but have it change suction levels and speed based on the room it is in.

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It would be awesome if I could change the speed of the vacuum as it runs around the house. Might do a lot for how much it picks up as well. I would rather it pick more up than be done in 10 minutes.

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I would love to see a speed control, like the suction level! I have carpets and would like to slowly deep clean some times but the vacuum zooms too fast over it to really get everything.

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The vacuum gets caught on my living room rug, but I bet if it just moved slower it wouldn’t. A slow go zone like the no go zone would be great.