Rewiring a house and considering POE for Wyze

I’m about to start a remodeling project and am seriously considering POE. The primary objective is to eliminate wires and the need to add outlets near every Wyze cam.

The house is 1960 single story with a crawlspace so access is good to most places. I know there are plenty of POE posts here and on Facebook. Have there been any generally recognized approaches to POE for Wyze or excellent forum posts someone can recommend?


Well, there is no current PoE for the cameras, and some who have tried to convert have had issues. However it is a wishlist item with a lot of votes, so you may still want to install the infrastructure?


So as a Wyze user I use for all applicable products a Micro USB to POE Injector and I have a POE switch where all the runs get terminated and dont have to worry about using a outlet. It works very well

Newshound, thanks. I should have provided a bit more detail… I do plan on using splitters at each Wyze to adjust the power. I do hope future Wyze cams provide for POE but at $20 (amazing value!!) I’m not sure it’s high on their list (ie easier to upgrade the software).