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Meh, they might’ve developed the core before they began offering products, though. It only takes a handful of good app devs to maintain the thing. I’d actually think that keeping close-knit like that would be an advantage. Plus, their principals spun off from Amazon, so they started out with plenty of webcam expertise. I’m sure they’ve got a higher headcount than (30) 3.5yrs later. Pretty sure they offshore product development though and I know previous cams (and domains) have shared cores with other Chinese offerings. Either way, the debate is academic.

I just want to see them get their collective sh1+ together and decide whom & what they wanna be. Starry-eyed startup freshman year is over and they need to decide in which field they wanna major. I get that they wanna do lotsa whiz-bang things which is cool. Ready for better bread & butter BEFORE more fluff. Either that, or spin off an ancillary products division in an effort to shore-up + keep cams on track.

Cannot overemphasize the need for a DVR hub…