Repurposing iSmartalarm Spot/Keep Cameras

Hey guys, I’ve switched over to wyze recently after being a long time user of iSmartalarm but I’ve found their cameras connectivity spotty and very buggy. I only kept the system for the chime and siren function however with the system being down for 3 days now, I’m starting to lose all confidence with this company. After reading the forums it appears there’s one guy who runs the tech support and server from his basement but not sure how true that is. Instead of just ditching all the hardware does anyone know if you could repurpose the cameras since they are identical hardware to the Wyze Cam v1/v2 and Wyze Cam Pan? Could it be as simple as flashing the hardware with wyze firmware? It’s probably a long shot but just seems like a waste to dump the hardware since iSmartalarm abandoned their customers. Thanks!

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Welcome to the Wyze community!

It’s definitely not true. The @WyzeTeam can confirm!

I’m not sure if this would work. You could try it and see if it works.
Your ISmart cameras wouldn’t be under warranty and they wouldn’t be under Wyze warranty ether.
Let me know how it works if you try it!

Thanks! Happy to be a part of wyze community! :slight_smile:

Oh sorry I meant that iSmartalarm is run by one guy by the name of “Joshua”. I’ve been following the @WyzeTeam and a huge supporter of what they do!

I wouldn’t know where to start with the firmware upgrade. Does anyone have any familiarity as to how to make wyze firmware run on 3rd party hardware?

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It could be a bot or you could be right.:grin:

You could start by flashing the firmware as if it were a Wyze camera.

I am also one of the frustrated Ismartalarm users. I am considering switching to Wyze also. The only thing I will be missing is the external siren Ismartalarm has. BTW, the server was just back online literally a few minutes ago.

I see that the server is back up along with IFTTT! But how long will it be up for is the question…

If you’re considering switching to wyze, it’s a solid choice! Do keep in mind it only records 12 seconds and there’s a cool off period of 5 minutes unless you subscribe to their paid camplus service which gives you unlimited motion capture and other cool features like person detection.

There’s also an SD card slot in the V2 and Pan cameras for continuous or motion recordings for only the cost of the SD card.

Some users have a siren wired to plug and then attatched to a wyze plug.

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Oh that’s actually a really good idea! Thanks!

I don’t think so. There are better cams out there now.
Wyze is using over 3 year old technology and it shows.

Lots of people have gone with the Eufy 2K cams since they are often just $10 more than what you pay for a Wyze, and everything about the Eufy 2k is better. Better resolution, better night viewing, higher supported microSD card, RTSP out of the box and more.
Eufy even has a better app so you can actually scrub the footage!

Forgot to mention, no you can’t flash the iSmartcams to Wyze.

I agree with you. I ended up ordering 2 Eufy pan and tilt. They are on sale for $40 each. And I already have Eufy doorbell. And Eufy products are pretty solid. But I still ordered Wyze sense starter kit and a few extra contact/motion sensors and one Wyze cam so I can plug the bridge in. I got the package today. None of the sensors will connect to the bridge. Upon research, it’s a very common issue a lot of users have. Most likely a defective bridge. I am waiting for the customer service to respond. I choose Wyze of course because of its affordability. $5-6/sensor just cannot be beaten. And I also plan to plug in a siren horn into Wyze plug, so I will have a really loud alarm when sensor is triggered.

Call Wyze, you can get a faster response.
1 (844) 999-3226

Good to know I’ve never heard of eufy’s pan and tilt but not too happy to pay for cloud storage (granted I’m aware you can save recordings to the SD card)

I ended up getting around to flash the the iSpot (not iSpot+) which I believe is the V1 and the light kept flashing red instead of orange. I probably bricked it anyways so I tried the V2 firmware and also a no go. Now I have these iSmartalarm camera hardware that is completely garbage. If someone figures out how to do it, please let me know!

People have switched over to using Home Assistant instead of Wyze’s software and everyone is saying it is so much better not having to rely on Wyze. Should have gone with Kasa plugs as well, far more reliable.
The main problem with what you are trying to do is you have 1 fault point, and that is Wyze. If anything happens with Wyze, your plan goes out the window. Using Home Assistant, YOU are in control of everything, no need for anything external.

Those Chinese companies scare me.

any chance you figured out how to get around this? I have a red-flashing iSmartAlarm Spot as well, I found your post when researching why it didn’t behave like I was hoping it would while following this guide.

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