Replace Nest Thermostat with Wyze Thermostat - 4 wires

Looking to replace my nest thermostat with wyze. The Nest is configured with 4 wires Y1, G, Rc, and W1 connected. Installation instructions want me to install the C-wire adapter on my outdoor unit? I thought it would be a quick and easy install just replacing my existing smart thermostat. I don’t have a nice control panel to install the C-wire adapter.

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You’re going to need to splice a wire in this blue wire.

With the power off, cut it, strip it back on both ends and wire nut it back together with another piece of wire. Connect the other end of that other wire to the blue wire that is wrapped around your thermostat cable here with another wire nut.
Then find the blue wire behind your thermostat and connect it to C on your wyze.