Reddit AMA With Co-Founder, Ali Farhadi

We’d like to invite you to join’s co-founder, Ali Farhadi, and Wyze today at 10:00AM PT for an AMA about AI and smart home technology. We’ll be hosting it on /r/homeautomation and we hope to see you there!

Wyze and have the shared dream of bringing technology to the masses with an incredibly low barrier to entry. We are doing this AMA because we’ve just deployed Edge AI, for free, to 1M+ people! We’d like to take this opportunity to talk about our AI and if you are curious about any of the subjects in Ali’s wheelhouse such as AI Technology, Smart Home Technology, AI Development, etc. we’d love to hear them.


Thank you so much, Wyze Team and for this new AI person detection feature that you have made possible for us. It has been working perfectly every time so far. I love this new feature. You guys are the best! :balloon::tada::tanabata_tree:

Edit: I agree with, Newshound. I vote for You Tube as well. :grin:

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I’d vote for an open platform like YouTube next time.

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I must say… this post did not age well lol