Reconnecting Watch 47 to device/app

My watch regularly looses connection with the phone. Most of the time it isn’t a big deal. But the only way I’ve found to reconnect is a whole process of restarting both devices. The last time, it did something new. The watch would say “phone ringing” and then the phone would indeed ring. But… no app or notification pops up on the phone indicating I should do something, or more importantly, stop the ringing, But then the reconnecting would fail. I did this a couple of frustrating times and then decided maybe it wants me to open the app, which it apparently did. Seems like instead of stating the obvious, that it’s ringing my phone, that instead the text could say “open app”. That is, unless anyone has a trick to shorten the process.

I have almost the same problem. Whenever I walk out of bluetooth range of my phone with my watch I need to resync my watch from the phone app.

Is this problem common?