Receive Doorbell Notifications in headphones

I have the doorbell ordered. Thinking of buying headphones. What I would like to know or if there were planned is if it will be possible to link to both that would let me know if the doorbell rings and I had the headphones on, get a notification in the headphones?

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You should get a notification when the doorbell is pressed, but I don’t think there’s any plan for an audible notification on the headphones. This is an interesting idea that would be cool to use with all Wyze products.

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I’m not sure what kind of phone you have but with android you can go in to developer options and and make you phone calls and notifications to come through any device you have connected to your phone! Also you can use IFTTT and make an applet (not as hard as it sounds) to notify you in your headphones or any device you have connected when the doorbell rings!

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Your choices are headphones which aren’t available or don’t make sense in a house a 6 or ifttt which charges. Why not open up your api so it can be integrated with home assistant. Then you could do so much more.

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