Quick thinking driver avoids bad accident

Driver A appears lost/confused, pulls into parking lot and does a very slow turn around to perform what is ultimately a u-turn to change his direction of travel on the main road. (that is not on video, but setting the stage for what you see)

Driver A is making a left-hand turn, and completely ignores traffic coming on his left, when he goes to pull out to make his turn. Driver B, takes what seems like an unusual (but well calculated) escape route and drives into on-coming traffic direction and direction of travel of Driver A to avoid an impact. It seems it was the only way to go, because Driver A was pulling out very slowly and was likely blocking both lanes in the direction of travel of Driver B.

Driver B is obviously enraged at what transpired, and quickly does a u-turn through the parking lot to go back after the guy that just pulled out in front of him.

Speed limit is 35, however most people drive 43-45 (or faster) on the road.


As justified as Driver B is, I hope he cooled down before he caught up with Driver A. Because it would not end well for someone.

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