I have a problem after the last update Where all the cameras stopped, motion detector, etc. I don’t know where the problem is I disconnected and connected the camera again, disconnected the internet etc. Unfortunately, the problem was not solved

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Someone was able to fix this issue by enabling the detection zone.
More here:

After the latest update 3 or 4 of my pan cams rotate to far left stop and stay there. When I rotate them around, they stay for a few seconds and then go back to full left stop. Anyone have a fix for this?

Go into pan scan settings and make a single waypoint where you want the home to be. The recent update deleted saved waypoints. Also, might as well check the rest of your settings also to make sure they weren’t changed or reverted with the recent update.

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OK, thanks, that seems to help

I am still waiting for a solution
what should I do