Problem with motion tracking/tagging

Did you try following the flash downloading to earlier version?

Good tips in this thread. I have a v2 and will try the downgrade to (December 2018)*. Good to see the release notes page firmware shows ver 60 for the Pan where it implies the problem is fixed. I’ll tray to stay on Dec 2018 until a similar fix is shown for the V2.


Wyze has released Pan firmware Please see the following thread. If it does NOT fix your issue with the current motion tracking issue on your Pan, please report it in that thread and submit a support ticket with logs

How do you down grade firmware??

See this page to find a firmware version to download and refresh th he camera.

I just updated to the new firmware, without downgrading, and everything started to work again fine. Thanks for the fix!

I had the same problem with the motion detector. Additionally, my device wasn’t recording. After a few days of troubleshooting and after talking to an Amazon techy who wasn’t able to help, I decided to return it to Amazon for a new one. The new one worked great. Problem solved!
P.S. Wyze wanted me to submit my warranty registration and go through a process to replace it. That seemed a bit bulky since I had just purchased it. Thank goodness I had purchased it through Amazon. Wyze needs to model customer service after Amazon.

Find and revert firmware to the update and then you can update to the latest. it is possible they fixed the bug in update but it is firmware flash from factory straight to that seems to remove motion detection and or tracking.