Power cycling default Mode, Is it really set to camera on?

I am starting to see that if the user chooses to drop power and then startup the power again the camera seem to default to on even if the last setting was off. At least this has occurred with my newer production run cameras. I have posted that the setting for camera on/off seem to toggle to power on when there i power bumps.

Can you verify this is the case?

Some folks have suggest an uninterruptible power supply is necessary to get around this condition.

Default to on would seem to be the preferred setting. Maybe I’m not understanding what your intent is. On the other hand, other than verifying that I could turn a camera off when that feature was first added to a beta version, I have never turned off a camera nor had any reason to do so.

Thanks for the reply.
The question was about either case when the user remove the camera power or by a sudden power outage.

It appears that when the camera;s power is returned the defaults setting is to turn the camera on. The “safer” mode would be to return to the last state of use.