Portable Display or Viewer (e.g., as dedicated Baby Monitor)


Big fan and supporter here.

Now that Wyze Home Monitoring is out I think Wyze should release a wall mounted tablet that can control the whole Wyze ecosystem like in par with other home monitoring companies (ADT). ADT uses the IQ Panel 2 so Wyze should come out with something similar…

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I’ve been thinking the same thing. I love the concept of using the Wyze cams as a baby monitor, but I need to be able to see and hear 2 rooms at the same time. I purchased an Echo Show for this exact purpose before I realized the Amazon 10 minute timeout problem. I don’t want to have to usey phone the whole time because the. I can’t do anything else with it. A cheap tablet is always an option, but a dedicated Wyze device would hopefully be less glitchy than a cheap tablet.

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So far, the walmart tablet is mostly working using tinycam. Haven’t upgraded to pro so far. The wyze app is apparently not compatible, no real reason given other than the play store detects that it’s not compatible,

In the past week or so, the camera feeds seem to be disconnecting from tinycam multiple times a day. Errors like “P2P failed to start session (AV_ER_REMOTE_TIMEOUT_DISCONNECT)” and “P2P failed to start session (AV_ER_IOTC_CHANNEL_IN_USED)”. Not sure if it’s an internet or wifi issue, or something else.

Good idea. However, here’s how I got the same result. I have a V3 camera outside on my porch pointing to my front gate. Detection is turned on and a sensor in the gate lights up a Wyze bulb across the room. And I have an ipad mini 4 with latest OS on it with Wyze app. I’ve had other ipad mini’s and the older OS closes the app after about 15 minutes. The newer version allows the app to stay open and on that view all day.

I updated tinycam to pro, and it has gone 2 days without losing feeds at all so far. I have 3 v2s displayed on the tablet, in portrait orientation, so the 3 images fill the screen. playing with motion detection in tinycam, it’s more customizable than wyze as far as choosing the areas of the view you want to detect in, and can audibly alert and highlight which cameras motion is on.
I can imagine with some of this functionality combined with current wyze software in a “wyze home control tablet” you could carry around, stand on a table, or mount on a wall.

I’m not spending $300+ on an iPad mini though.

I have TinyCam Pro on my android phone, but I find the audio is awful. I mean, the audio is the Wyze app is pretty bad too, but even with my volume all the way up, I can hardly hear the cameras.

Please make a baby monitor with your camera quality and a separate monitor, where you don’t need wifi. I know so many people that would want this for a quick set up, not using iPhone or something else as a screen all night because it kills your battery, and it would be amazing for things like camping where you don’t have wifi. There are many baby monitors out there but their cam quality is terrible. Wyze would crush the market!!! please please please.

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I would love to see an hdmi dongle like the firstick or chromecast that can be plugged into a tv.

I’m sorry, But I don’t understand what you said. (If I can’t make sense, you might want to consider explaining again if you want someone at Wyze to understand it immediately when they read it, else they will just browse right by it as too much effort to understand.

HDMI dongle ? From the camera? How is the link/connection between the camera and dongle going to occur to display on the TV?

Monitor to view 4 cameras continuously while at my desk in my office.
Something like an iPad from Apple but specific to your cameras. When activity is noticed on any one of the four cameras I want to be able to click on it and have it shown on the entire screen until I reset it. I believe Lorex Technology had such a monitor.

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Put the four cameras in a group and it behaves exactly as you want. Been available for a long time.

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NO, You misunderstand, I would like a Monitor about the size of an iPad to continuously display 4 cameras live and if I see activity on any one of them I would select that specific camera on the screen for a full frame view of the motion. This would be a wi-fi monitor under power from a wall outlet, it would always be on like a television with all 4 cameras live continuously.

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No, you’re the one that is mis-understanding. Take an iPad, plug it into power so it stays running. Load the Wyze app, and put the four cameras in a group, and watch the group. Tap any one of the four cameras and it will go to that one camera until you tap the back button and then it will go back to the group.
That will do EXACTLY what you are saying that you want. As long as you are on WiFi (does not have to be the same WiFi), you don’t even need an active cellular data account.


That’s what I’ve done. I used an old tablet that wasn’t good for much else. Gave it a new purpose and life!

I deleted the WYZE app and reinstalled it and now have what I was looking for.
Thank you for your assistance, it works great. Now I just need a better Wi-Fi mesh system to keep all four cameras active at all times. My wife’s 5 year old iPad has a new life but needs a stronger signal.
See attached photo. Thanks again !



I was thinking, That facility could install individual Wyze $20 cams in each room (where requested), and pointed toward a less private section of the room, And share out the view to family members. The facility could charge hmm, $5 a month for access. Everyone wins. The initial entry fee could be the cost of the camera. The facility could put the earnings toward Internet access or, birthday cakes or any number of unofficial purposes/rewards.

It would be great to adapt a baby monitor approach to a car based camera and the same screen. The Wyze car does not use your local network. It connects directly between the Wyze car’s cam V2, with WiFi on a phone. So, since they have already laid the groundwork, for monitor/tablet and no-lan WiFi from cam to view screen, using this to keep an eye on stuff in the back of a car or back window of a car could be portable.

You must consider how a Wyze baby monitor solution would be such a niche solution that costs for their viewing device would not match their current pricing because limited audience. Might be best to ask them to provide a rough cost to us for such a system and survey the customer base for interest in that price.

I have solved my problem - I put my 4 cameras into a single grouping via the Wyze app and retrieved a very old iPad previously used by my wife and now I can cast those 4 cameras to that iPad on my office desk always powered on.
All is well but for the weakness of my internet connection, it does not cover our 2400 sq. ft. house with a consistent strong signal, causing two or three of the four cameras to buffer most of the time. Frustrating when trying to monitor all 4 cameras simultaneously.

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