Playback troubles

I am having trouble with playback when I want to get to an exact moment in time. I have an event which shows a driver approaching my door. But the “event recording” stops after the 12 seconds. He drops the package off and goes back to his truck (none of which is part of the “event”…
After he left I wanted to see the name on his truck as he drove off. I can see the truck leaving, but I find it impossible to freeze the picture when the truck is in frame to read the name. It would be nice to have a variable speed for 2x forward or slow motion. Any suggestions?

If you capture the incident from the SD card, you should be able to transfer the video you make to another device. For me, I transfer it to my Mac, where not only do I see it in much larger 1080p format but I can easily frame-by-frame it using the left/right keys.