Piss poor sale on Wyze car you guys should be ashamed of yourselves

Tried all day and website kept crashing so now I couldn’t order one [Mod Edit]

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I take it you never tried to get a ps5 or Xbox series X. I’ve seen Amazon, best buy, Walmart and Targets website crash.


I tried a couple of times throughout the day. I could add it to the cart, then when I tried to access the cart, nothing. It wasn’t important enough for me to spend a lot of time trying to grab one. Websites crashing due to high volume is nothing new. It happens with eventbrite all the time. It is just life.

Definitely not Wyze’s best moment for sure. They inadvertently created a LOT of ill will with that fiasco. Burned me on 5 separate attempts only to get the “maintenance” screen every time I went to pay. I guess I am the real idiot for trying so many times.