Pin/passcode and/or Biometric Lock for Wyze App

I have no doubt it does, we’re not talking about reinventing the wheel. There are many cams on the market with webpage accessibility. I’m sure there is common knowledge around developers and engineers how to do this. Most likely some open source program I would

But anyway, I didn’t mention it to get a conversation going, was just using that as an example how votes don’t really count.

Thank you for the reply and explanation. I hope the security functions you want get implemented soon.

David Bush

I posed this question to Wyze support and they said to come here and vote for it, so here I am. My request was specific for when using shared family devices such as an iPad so that kids could not change settings on the app. Instead of requiring logging in and out each time.

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I would like to see the app incorporate an optional security feature like a 4 digit code to unlock the app.

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Really, biometric lock? What kind work do U have? 007 jobs?

You do realize that using your finger or face to unlock your phone is using biometrics, right? It’s not about what job anyone has, it’s about people not being able to access sensitive information (your camera feeds) without consent. It’s a real shame that this is still in the wishlist.

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Like seriously, b real. Fingerprint & facial unlock on a Wyze app. Get an Iphone that unlock the phone w/ fingerprint. Guess U’re either CIA/FBI if U want that hi of credential 2 unlock a camera.

Lmao, okay troll. While it’d be great if you saw yourself out of this post, your continued interaction keeps it toward the top, so hopefully more people see it and vote on it. Thanks!

@Sh828, we WANT to hear these requests. Please be kind to your fellow community member. If you see a request that you don’t want, please just leave it alone. There are valid reasons why people outside of government work would want biometric locks on their apps.


Fine, I’ll stay off the forum so I’ll keep my comments 2 myself. Seem other comments r welcome, but not mine. Good luck in their wish list, though impractical. Your products rocks.


We’re happy that you enjoy your Wyze products! We welcome people’s contributions but we want to make sure that this stays a friendly, helpful, and welcoming community. Your comments were at that line. If you want to come back and post, you would be welcome! I’d be happy to go through where things were crossing the line with you privately, if you would like.


It’s ok. If the person wants 2 compare apple (Wyze) 2 potatoe (canary) & Wyze wish 2 entertain their wish list, then by all means, knock yourself out. I, myself, find Wyze is constantly improving their product line 2 a practical direction & using the proper resource (people detection upgrade). Keep on rocking solid & Wyze will b a force 2 b reckon with in the future.


Yes! This is more important now that wyze has entered the home security game. Should be required for any app that can open your door or turn off your alarm.

@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeJimmy

Any update on biometric/PIN auth when re-opening the app?

Ideally, a “Device Owner” would be able to enforce this requirement for specific “Shared Devices”.

E.g. if I “share” a camera with my spouse via the Wyze app, they would need to prove their identity to view playback or livestream (each and every time they want to take any action regarding the camera).

The above feature would be in addition to Account-level 2FA, such that a device shared with someone who does not use 2FA will still have some level of security.

Hello @skw and welcome to the community.

Usually the only updates you will see towards something are in the tags at the top, this is currently marked as ‘maybe-later’. Meaning they are not actively doing anything with it at the moment but has not been ruled out (probably not tag). When they start to look into it, it will change to ‘researching’, followed by being moved to the #roadmap and changing to ‘in-deveolpment’.

@WyzeJasonJ Understood. Thanks for clarifying!

This can be done outside of the Wyze app as well. I would recommend using an antivirus / security application on your phone and use that to lock it down. My current favourite is Intercept X from Sophos, which is part of their enterprise offering but free for home use.

You can use that to lock out all the apps you want with one method to unlock them instead of having to set things up individually per app.

Thanks for this tip, it’s a great help and works good for Wyze and some other apps I want to keep private.

It’s been almost 3 years since I created this post and I am still baffled that it hasn’t happened. Especially now that they have an actual home security system. I shouldn’t have to rely on a third-party solution to keep my Wyze app secure.

I agree that a PIN or other access method is needed. Yi camera app has this basic feature since day 1. Maybe WYZE needs to buy a Yi camera to see how it’s done.

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