Photo Formats are Different. Why?

I have noticed that my WCO saves photos as PNG files; while the V3 saves as JPG. Is there a functional reason for this ? Also, an older program, which has so far accepted all JPG formats, cannot read the JPG files from the V3.

This has been discussed before - sometimes the delivered formats have differed among phones, OSes, and app versions, all from the same camera.

In other words, I don’t know.


Beware of falsely named JPG files that are actually PNG.

Take some stills from a live feed and load them in a PC app like IrfanView, which has warned and renamed them for me, across different app versions. I own 5 total cams that are v2, v3 and now the Pan Cam v2. The app has always seemed to produce PNG stills lurking under JPG extensions for some reason.

You may not notice this until you open them on a PC, or ascertain that their roughly 1.5 to 2.5 mb file sizes are too big for their resolution. People who only view images on their phones may never realize this. Lossless PNG is an inefficient use of space for the middling 1920x1080, often grainy quality of Wyze grabs.

Disclaimer: I am basing this on long-term use of IrfanView, and assuming other PC programs (even are too “friendly” to point out false extensions, plus logic of how big the filesizes are for mere 1920x1080. FastStone image viewer also reveals that they are PNG files but doesn’t give a warning. If others know more tech on this phenomenon, please comment.

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