Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

Looking at the Rock4/downloads - Radxa Wiki
There are android images available hence should run tinycam

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If you try it, please reply back to let me know how it works!

This response you gave us why YI in itself is why people moved to Wyze and if they listen to your [mod edit] opinion, will be once AGAIN, why people leave WYZE

We just want a product we can own, it works without add-ones and fill-ins like you promote.

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[mod edit] we just want a simple product we own without corporate ads and paid pop ups to use our products.

In all regards, I’ll probably get banned for saying this unless we all stand against [this]

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I’ll comply. I apologize. I mean it.

I’m fully against any type of pay to remove ads, and fully against ADS overall. I’m all for having the Wyze name in lower corner of my videos and proudly share some of them with family and friends that also have Wyze Cams who are also against ADS as well.

We want to own our products outright and not have to wait for ads to load to get access to vids or even the App itself.

Heck of an idea.

@HareRaiser @DP1947 @whizzysyr @dsjenson @WiseJob @PolarBear @victormaletic

Having finally come to near the end of Japanese Beetle season, and Carpenter Bee season before that, I know exactly how all of you feel! :rage: :rage: :rage:

Probably many of you have already done so, but if not, please vote on this Wishlist item below!

Is there any news on the “Bug Mode” ( split-second event filtering) front @WyzeGwendolyn ? The last update we had was December 2019?

I believe that Bug Mode would be a Win-Win for everyone:

  1. Bug Mode seems simple (at least when compared to person, pet and vehicle detection)

  2. Bug Mode would save Wyze considerable AWS processing money when run before the full person detection analysis (and bandwidth if implemented on camera)

  3. Bug Mode would make a lot of customers happy (the family would allow me to buy more Wyze cams if there were fewer false alerts)

  4. build brand loyalty by responding to long standing request (hopefully the underlying intent behind a forum with a Wishlist area)

  5. make Wyze more competitive in the marketplace (other brands already offer this feature)

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I too would like to track animal movements. Something has been scratching holes in my expensive lounge chair covers and I want to know exactly what it is.

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And just a reminder to the general public, even without the requested bug mode, turning off the LED lights and leaving night vision on Auto goes a long way to eliminating bug motion alerts. It did for me…


Absolutely! This has definitely solved my “flying vampire centipede” issues. :grinning:

But the daytime dive bombers have really taken up the slack. :angry: Not only the spurious motion events, but they just love to Whang! into the plate glass windows to create a sound event and make the camera deaf for five mins to any driveway alarm sounds. They’re a real twofer! :rage:

I know - move the cams out to birdhouses! I’m still looking for that darn…



Had to look that up. :frowning:

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I used to carry two or three wooden “round toits” with me. They are excellent ways to diffuse otherwise tense situations. And they can provoke stress relieving laughter if handled well. (I was not always successful at that part).

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Guess I’ll have to get it one of these days.


These are the ones I am currently using. You can get them cheaper on Aliexpress.

25 Round Tuit

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Get it one of these days.



Looks like detection is back to normal.
I get events for my neighbors cat now. even a squirrel.

I wanted to write a lot… But f* it… I ve erased everything…
Just let me make ask you something @WyzeGwendolyn
Why are you guys going for subscription instead of trying to make the processing local?
The freaking only reason I’ve got the cams were because you had the person detection before being f* up by the partner company. So that was your mistake back then… Then you promised that you would provide the person detection even if it was server side… And now people have to pay for the service because you didn’t hire someone to make a contract neither to check the financials? I mean hell… Wtf… Do you even hired someone to make this device secure?


It does make you wonder doesn’t it?

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Either rant or say nothing and swap out the cameras needing person detection for Eufy. I didn’t rant and am not sorry one bit that I took the second route.

There needs to be a way for customers to help support your Dev financially. I have no problem paying monthly to help support your “Person Detection” or for whatever else great things you decide to offer. I do not want you to go out of business!!!

Please make a non-tangible “Dev Support” Subscription Product in your store so I can pay you monthly to support you!

I can’t imaging I am the only one who feels this way. I’m glad you all don’t “require” a subscription for your products, but cloud storage does cost money, and I would like to help support you all! I think the voluntary “name your price” for “Person Detection” is great, but I love your products, and would like to support you beyond just the “Person Detection” development.

Until you release something allowing me to “opt in” with monthly Dev support, I just subscribed to your Cam Plus Subscription for 5 cameras ($9.95/month). I chose Monthly instead of Yearly, so you would get more funds for Dev! :sunglasses:

I just want to add; I really like your Cam Plus Subscription pricing, and hope more people opt in. Your cloud recording pricing beats the heck out of Amazon Cam Cloud recording, Xfinity, and others (which are about $9.99/mo/cam). :flushed:

Just so you are aware, I am still running the Firmware (with (now owned by Apple)) on all my v2 Cams, and am still using the v.2.7.29 iOS App on all my devices. This also means that my Cam Plus Subscriptions are merely to support your company. :sunglasses:

I am doing this because I like the local processing for Person Detection, which still seems to be working as it should. Personally, I would prefer to have the option of keeping local processing for Person Detection over cloud processing, but I’m also not privy to all the information leading to that decision.

I would prefer Product Dev focusing on implementing support for 5GHz Wifi in future products, more than anything else really. This is really my only complaint of the Wyze Cam, 2GHz Wifi is just to congested and has way too much interference. I have the 5GHz Ring Pro Doorbell for this very reason. :sunglasses:

Keep up the good work!



Well, it sure doesn’t beat the heck out of Nest. $6 a month or $60 a year covers all events (basically Complete Motion Capture) of every single camera with 30 days of cloud. Or you can get their Nest Aware Plus for $12 a month ($120 a year) and get 60 days of event history and also gets you 10 days of 24/7 video recording history for every single cam. Basically, if you have 3-6 cams then Google is better in the long-run with better reliability, stability, better programming, etc. You’ll pay more upfront, but in the long run it will be cheaper and less stressful…at least if you really want cloud and PD subscriptions. Wyze is definitely not killing Google that way, not to mention all the awesome integration…Wyze has major problems casting right now and when it works it is super delayed.

Don’t get me wrong, I like and use Wyze, but I’m not going to pretend their cloud and PD subscription stuff is “beating the heck out of” every other company like Google Nest when comparing features and quality and such. Wyze isn’t a great deal if you want tons of cams to have cloud and PD, it’s only a great deal if you want a cheap one-time payment product and are willing to sacrifice some reliability/consistency and such for it.

Since when has Wyze been Open Source? I’d love for that to be the case…then Sleep as Android and others would have access to the API of the Wyze Bands to integrate them into their app, and I would then immediately buy one for every person in my family…that’s all I’m waiting for.

Again, don’t misunderstand…I have nearly 50 Wyze products and am fairly active keeping up with Wyze. I like them, I just don’t kid myself about their subscriptions and quality “beating the heck out of everyone else”…