Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

Hmmm…I hope not. Both accounts have legacy person detection. It has been my understanding from the beginning that the old legacy person detection is tied to the account not devices so I think it might work but I will either have to unassign the Cam Plus free trial or wait for it to end before I can use the legacy person detection,I believe…still not 100% sure. I might have to reach out to Wyze tech support if I cannot get it working,

Oh hold on, sorry, that changes everything. I thought she didn’t have PD. When you reset a V2 or Pan Cam and add it to her account it should just work with PD as usual… Yeah the CamPlus trial is just getting in the way.

“They” is in reference to your cameras. In the app under Account > Services > Person Detection (Pilot). Are your cameras listed there?
I have reset cameras and was forced into the Cam Plus trial. The cameras are currently under the old Person Detection. I can’t remember if they remained in PD during the Cam Plus trial or not.

As long as the account has been signed up for the legacy PD you can add as many V2 and Pan cams as you like.

Thanks for replying. I can see “Person Detection (Pilot)” but the cameras that I just added are not listed in that section. However, there is now the “CAM Plus” section where the old but newly re registered cameras are listed and yes they are in that section. If I unassign the re re registered cameras from the “CAM Plus” section are they just going to suddenly be listed/appear in the “Person Detection (Pilot)” section?

I’m getting absolutely no Person Detection on my Cams Plus cameras. It was fine up until a couple of weeks ago, and now, nothing.

One camera isn’t even getting any detections, whereas before I had a 75+ a day.

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Just realized it’s broken for me too. Haven’t had an announcement in days.


I just checked mine and actually have had a few person detections today. Have you tried restarting the camera from inside the app.

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No because I scheduled nightly restarts the last time this happened. I can certainly pull the plug to see if that helps but I’m curious how widespread this is. The fact that my person detections are no longer labeled as anything but “Motion” is also concerning…


Most of my AI detections have been vehicle today but I do have a few person

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I forget how long it takes. Not sure if it’s immediately or not. All I know is that I have had the Cam Plus trial on at least two cameras and all are in the Person Detection list now.

It does no harm to at least try removing one from Cam Plus.
Cam Plus isn’t linked to a particular camera. You have two trials. You can assingn them to any two cameras or none at all.

Just fyi, you can skip/opt out of the cam plus trial thing by hitting the back button on your phone when it pops up instead of agreeing to it.

That may be new. Until not too long ago the only way to avoid it was to force close the app.

Definitely issues - not sure if it is related to recent production app released. I’ve had multiple “sound” events today on a cam that has cam plus and only AI toggled (wind noise the cam picked up) yet the pizza man didn’t exist tonight and Alexa has stopped announcing on 3 cams that had routines working previously. Why does this always happen on weekends…:slightly_frowning_face:

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Yep, I opened my own thread about that. Uggggg… Super frustrating

There is really only a handful of us reporting this on the forum so far. I wonder how many people have lost these features.

A better question is why does it happen (at all)

In the Facebook forums, it would appear it is very widespread including me. Lost all setting for ai and haven’t gotten a person detection since 10:41 pm Thursday night.


No problem here.

I noticed the that detected Person is no longed tagged in the Events page in the app but is still recognized and can be sorted from motion by the filters. My Alexa trigger for Person Detection still works.
I find the dunning screens for Cam Plus annoying.

I lost mine to