Person Detection triggering Wyze bulb

Hi, sorry if this should probably go somewhere else. And I found a couple of older related posts, but sw & fw have changed.

When the camera on my garage detects a person, I’d like to trigger my approach light on the porch to come on. I do have a v1 motion sensor on the porch too that triggers the light on and off after motion stops for 1min.

How or when will the person detection turn off the light? Is that another rule, and how?

There are rule actions “turn on for ###” that you could use. Just use “person detected” on X camera for trigger then “turn on for ##” for your chosen bulb or group of bulbs.

Like soo:


Thanks, i forgot about those. Too bad I can’t combine conditions, especially to turn if off, or rather leave it on if the porch still detects motion