Pepe' Le Pew & Friends


Freeloaders? 3 out of 4 of my clients didn’t even take a lick of the water, and one took a couple of licks of water which he thought nature/rain provided for him. They heard this was the cool hang-out place. :slight_smile:
I didn’t see a collar on any of them, maybe some are feral cats? Or Witches/familiars? :broom:

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Nope, not a chance, I know which neighbors they belong to. I don’t dislike cats and I previously had to “Cat Sit” my daughter’s two cats for long periods both at my house and her house. They were both House Cats and were content to eat, sleep in the sunshine through the windows, play cat war games or with their toys and were happy to deposit their business in the litter box which I had to clean on a daily basis. People don’t let their dogs roam all over town and wait for them to return just in time for dinner. Of course my parents did that with me. :rofl: I am a true dog/ :raccoon: person

I’ve had a lot of pets:

  • Gerbils (3?)
  • Rat
  • Dogs (5?)
  • Cats (a lot)
  • Garter Snakes (lots…once caught 56 in a half hour)
  • Ball Python
  • Fish (several)
  • Parakeets (4?)
  • Tarantulas (2?)
  • Turtles (2?)
  • Lizards (a few)
  • Bunnies (a few)
  • Ferrets (2)
  • Teenage kid

Probably a bunch of stuff I forgot about over the years. I’ve always loved [most] animals. I love dogs, but I don’t like how high-maintenance and overly super-codependent most of them are. Plus, the amount of feces they produce and where they just leave it drives me crazy, along with excessive shedding and tearing up the yard. I’m not sure I’ll ever get another dog of my own. I like to babysit them or visit dogs of family members though. Maybe I’ll get a dog in the future if I retire and can just pay someone else to do all the maintenance (clean up the feces, keep the food/water filled, etc),

I enjoy training animals and taking them places though. I have even trained rodents to do interesting things. Some of my cats have been trained to do a lot of things that Dogs can be trained to do too. I have taught cats to “come,” “High Five,” “dance,” “play fetch,” “sit,” and other various things…they just train differently than dogs. Dogs always care about treats, but cats often care about other things instead…like my orange cat doesn’t care about treats, but loves being scratched near his tail. I think in general I like Cats better mostly because of the lower maintenance. :smiley_cat:

The thing about cats is that they are all about getting and respecting “Consent” with them…and a lot of people misunderstand that and don’t like that about them. But once that is taken into account and respected, they are wonderful pets. Cats believe they don’t NEED you to survive, and in most cases they simply voluntarily CHOOSE to be you even though they know they don’t need you. In a lot of ways, that is real love. Cats, if treated right will do many of the things people love about dogs, including cuddling and loving their humans strongly.

For dogs, it is easy to feel like they love you, and people love that about them. Dogs are naturally desperately pathologically super overly codependent, thinking they NEED you for their survival. Which isn’t to say they don’t absolutely truly love and adore their humans (they do…most of them were selectively bred specifically over the centuries to be loyal and love their human family). Dogs are reliably loving to whomever feeds and gives them positive attention. That makes most of their other maintenance issues worth it. I bawled like a little baby more over losing my dogs than losing other pets. So there is a lot to say about that bond and attachment, codependency or not. Dogs show love openly, often, and sincerely, and most people crave and love that connection. Hard to dislike that except for maybe the few people who have never really owned a good dog of their own and don’t really understand what it’s like.

I guess I love most animals in their own way. Once you understand the animal, it’s easy to love them too…though I still don’t always like all the maintenance that comes with them…hence why I don’t have so many anymore like I did in my younger years. :joy: I have also always told my kids that any animals we/they get means they are making the commitments to take responsibility for all their maintenance. :wink:


Wasps are insects but this relates. I was replacing a brake light bulb while the customer watched. I opened the trunk and saw a wasp making a nest. Grabbed a shop towel to crush it. The customer stopped me and said “don’t kill it. It has a right to live. I will move it when I get home”:flushed:

@peepeep Meet the new critter- Dušan possum. I couldn’t find a new :skunk: to give the name to. Time to recharge the cam and put it on scheduled event recording to the SD again.


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Can’t lie. I have saved a wasp from drowning.

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I set my critter WCO for some scheduled event recording to the Cam SD last night and it was very busy
This is one of the games played and bone won. :raccoon: 1 and Cat 0. :rofl:


And the leftovers. :grin: Dušan is having bowl troubles.


Better bowl than bowels :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Oh my gosh, at first glance, I thought that’s what was said, haha.

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I may have to get Dušan a smaller BOWL to use until the little critter legs grow a few more inches. :upside_down_face:

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Awhhh, you’re such a softy :joy:

Thérèsia Turkey and the six chicks playing through on the 4th fairway. :golf: :golfing_man: