Peephole (Door View) Camera

I really think you guys (Wyze) should develop a low cost Front door peephole cam, specialty for us Apartment rental people. We aren’t able to drill any holes to side of the building. What you guys think?


If you come out with a peephole camera, have a portrait view option.


I haven’t seen any responses from Wyze. :frowning:

This could be a quick win… not much re-engineering to make a V1 Wyze peephole camera that simply replaces a standard door peephole. The important part is that a Wyze peephole camera shouldn’t look much different than the original optical peephole.

I’ll even offer to share a prototype that I am about to build by modifying one of your camera. :slight_smile:

V2 can be a little more elaborate by offering up/down, left/right camera motion.

V3 can offer all V2 features, plus doorbell option.

But, unlike some of the other models out there, the Wyze camera shouldn’t require any additional wiring .

I’ve been looking for a peephole camera for a longtime and there are very few choices. Talking on many forums, as well as other fellow condo owners and renters, I can guarantee that if Wyze offered even a V1 solution, you would bring many more people into the Wyze ecosystem.

Just have a look on Amazon and you won’t find many peephole cameras, much less any with a good rating. Most of them significantly modify the appearance, are standalone with a cheep camera and LCD screen, and/or very low resolution.

I really hope Wyze is listening.


WYZE may not directly reply much in these threads but they do listen. They read them and take note but for the most part the response will just be the topic changing from ‘maybe-later’ to ‘researching’.

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Hello all,

I am a recent convert to the Wyze cameras. I am loving them!

But for years, I have wanted to install a peephole camera, but still, there are no good options available.
It’s strange because I am betting that the market for a door peephole camera that replaces a standard optical peephole is far greater than for wired doorbell cameras.

As of now (Dec. 1, 2019), I am not aware of any products that meet the basic requirements of WiFi, recording, mobile alerts, and incognito appearance (looking like a regular peephole). The closest product that I could find is but it completely misses on no WiFi and no mobile alerts.

I was going to go the Raspberry PI route, but it’s unlikely that I will be able to interface that camera to the Wyze mobile app. So, I have ordered another Wyze camera to tear apart to build my own peephole camera.

Why tear apart the camera?
I have looked at attaching the camera to the inside end of a standard peephole, but even with am additional objective lens, the view is too distorted and their is too much of a ‘barrel’ effect to get a good enough view of the outside.

Unless someone has a better idea, I am thinking that I will need to lift the camera off its base an move it to the outside of the door, in other words, the camera body is on the inside of the door, camera wires run through the hole in the door, to the camera sensor/lens on the outside.

I probably won’t get started on this project for another month, but I’ll post updates to this thread whenever I have some news.

I welcome any suggestions. :slight_smile:



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I live in an apartment and I would very much like for WYZE to develop a “frontdoor peephole cam” . Periodically people will come to my door and key the lock and would like to see who is doing this without having to attempt to go to the door. Unable to see too well in the peephole or get to the door. I have challenges physically and often am frightful of this in the evening living alone.


Like an earlier post. The only thing on the market I’ve found right now is:

The problem with that product is that it functions just as a digital viewer. It does not detect motion or offer continuous recording without external accessories.

They went this direction due to limitations to the technologies they utilized and the desire to keep the device battery powered.

I’d be happy to run a usb cord to power something that functions like a Wyze Cam that is attached to the peephole of my door. Primarily for the following reasons:

  1. I want it to look like a plain peephole on the exterior of the door. My apartment complex does not allow us to change the look of our doors. Every product on the market right now is some extra thing we need to attach to doors that changes its look.
  2. I want it to record when motion is detected.
  3. I want to power it with a USB cord.

In the mean time I’ve been looking for better ways to utilize a Raspberry Pi to do this.
Finding a camera that is designed for the peephole has been the challenge.
I do not like that camera up against the peephole look.
It just looks unprofessional.


A peephole camera would be awesome! At my condo they do not allow cameras to record public areas. An inconspicuous peephole camera to watch the front door is my number 1 wishlist from Wyze. The Ring camera is neat but totally misses the mark with a big box on the outside of the door. Keep up the good work Wyze!


Well summarized!

Dear wyze,
Please make a wyze peephole camera since some of us don’t have doorbell wiring, Also the vantage point from a peephole cam is better than off to the side with a doorbell cam


I also want that. It would just require refactoring the wyzecam v2 with new lenses to fit into a standard apartment door peephole. Keep the electronics, the firmware and the app exactly the same. I’d pay 2 or 3 times the price of a wyzecam for a product like that. Currently, that product doesn’t even exists, but there definitely is a market for it.

And all the products that are similar to ring doorbells can’t be installed in apartments or condos. It’s also impossible to install wyze cams outside your door. The only option is to buy a Chinese ntsc camera with the right lens, hook it up to a raspberry pie and program the whole thing. That’s more a project than a product tbh.


Would love for Wyze to make a Peephole Camera. I’m really discouraged about Ring products and would like to find something more discreet. Peephole cameras are a more viable option for renters and apartment dwellers where hardwiring isn’t really feasible.

Thank you!


An interior peep hole camera that either uses the existing peephole on your door, (much like the wyze lock uses your existing deadbolt), or perhaps a special version is included for you to install would be fantastic. I have been looking for some sort of similar device for quite a while, and none meet my expectations.

The peephole viewers such as the Brinno are generally battery powered only, write to sdcard only and no wifi or notifications. The exterior doorbell/cam combos such as Ring are not suitable for many condo/apartment dwellers or home associations.

I have tried several different small wifi cams from ebay, all of which have questionable firmware and apps.

We all know the wyze cams and how well they work, it should not be that difficult to create a new product that clips onto the existing peephole and allows a wyze cam to look through, or is integrated into a lens attachment and a bracket that attaches to the inside door.

Ideally there would be a wyze peephole cam or attachment/modification that works just like the existing wyze cams. Granted the view may not be as wide through the peep hole, but that can be dealt with the proper lens/fisheye.

Step one: Buy it from wyze!
Step two: Install the peephole/lens and bracket to the door.
Step three: Align the wyze cam on the bracket behind the peephole.
Step four: Pair with app on phone or tablet.
Step five: Profit!


I’m on board with this as well. I think something that mounts internally, and looks like a standard peephole from the outside is a great idea. Since most entry doors aren’t wired for power, having it run off a pair of rechargeable 18650 batteries is greatly preferred over four AA alkaline batteries… coughwyzelockcough

-Motion triggered with immediate clip recording to SD card and/or cloud.
-Selectable motion zones.
-Face snapshot preview (might be reaching here).
-Knock detection.
-Viewable/shareable through app.
-If you want to get real fancy, make a little LED illuminate inside the peephole after a knock/motion event so it always looks like some turned on a light just inside the door.


I believe one reason many companies go with AA batteries for a device is they don’t encounter the shipping restrictions putting lithium ion batteries with a device would have. Most people also don’t have a 18650 charger, so including that would be an additional expense.

There are rather pricey (as they apparently incorporate an internal voltage regulator) 1.5 V rechargeable AA lithium ion batteries available, but I have yet to test them in an application like this.

How about an over the door mount for the existing cameras? No need to incur costs to develop new camera for peephole. The pan 'n tilt would give me a view of the entire hallway.

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No good for apartment or condos where you can’t install anything outside of your own unit. That’s >40% of the US population.

I didn’t know that. I live in an apartment and had an over the door camera and had no problems with management, just the camera kept disconnecting from my WiFi so it was returned for refund.
I did see someone on YouTube connect his Wyze cam to the actual peephole with command strips so I will try that for now.

Well, maybe your one apartment manager was ok with it, but it sure isn’t the case for most building. I would absolutely prefer a very visible camera, as it also acts as a “I see you” warning to anyone who would want to force the door, but in my condo building it’s an absolute no-go to punch holes for wiring or “spy” on other residents when they are in the hallway.

Given the amount of people asking for this kind of product, I believe most multi-residential units are in the same situation.

Previously I had an old cell phone and used an app on the inside of the door which is what I’m back to using. I saw a lot more with the phone on the inside of the door - neighbors stealing from each other, etc but once someone tried to break in my place I bought a LaView peephole camera as an ‘I see you’ camera - so yes you are right it is a deterrent. The camera only lasted for 7 months so I’m about to sue them for sending me a busted replacement and not honoring their warranty. This is why I am considering the Wyze, I have found no complaints about it working so if I have to paste it to the door for now I’ll do that.