Pan direction controls when viewing in full screen

It would be very helpful to control the position of the camera for the Cam Pan when in full screen mode. This way you get the full view of the camera with directional controls instead of having to rotate your phone back in the portrait just to move the camera and then rotate it back to landscape to view in full screen.

There could be small directional buttons appear when in full screen on the left two-thirds of the screen and would appear with a tap, at the same time as the open the mic, take picture, and save video buttons appear. They could be dismissed the same as these buttons.

Thanks for your consideration! :blush::+1:

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Hi, @moc! I have moved your post to #ask-the-community because this functionality already exists in the app. You can swipe the screen with your finger in portrait or full-screen mode to perform what you’re asking. :slight_smile:


Oh I see, neat! Thanks for the heads up.

Perhaps then an update to the app that displays l a small bit of text when in full screen that calls out this “Swipe to Pan the Cam” feature.

Thanks again!