Overnight Muncher

While I was outside with the dogs today, I noticed the tops of a couple of hydrangea stems had been “trimmed”. It got me wondering what happened. These are a short variety, but too tall for bunnies.

I checked back on overnight events and I found this clip at 2:18 this morning. At the very end you can see the nibbler make a left turn right where the hydrangea are planted.


My brother and the lady across the street from him have the same issue daily. 4 legged lawnmowers in rural New York State. He tried that Hot Pepper spray on his flowers, the deer must like spicy food because they ate them anyway, three times so far.


That’s a bunch of deer. My little dogs would have heart attacks if a herd like that showed up in my back yard during the day. :rofl:

My brother said his dog is bored of seeing deer.


I’ve been told this skinny young fella with the branches stuck on his antlers probably won’t last to long because he has no fear of humans. Brother and dog see him everyday and he just twitches his ears as if to say good morning. Maybe he’ll change his habits in December when hunting season starts but I don’t think he is worth the effort, not enough meat. :grin:


The biggest dangers here in this suburban city are cars and coyotes. There is more than enough food within the city boarders to never have to leave and deal with hunters.

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Was up early this morning and while walking the dogs in the dark I saw 2 big dots being reflected back from my headlamp. Seems a deer was enjoying the pears from the tree in a neighbor’s yard.

And then while watching the Brewer game replay, the boys got really upset with something outside. I took a look and there were 4 more deer walking into the backyard. They worked their way to the front and had breakfast under my crabapple tree.


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Way back when I was young we would laugh at the deer staggering around after eating the old fermented green apples of the trees and on the ground. I don’t know if deer get hangovers :thinking: :thinking:

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I know what you mean. I never witnessed it myself, but one of my tenants told the same story about the deer eating the fermented pears that fell off the tree next door. :rofl: