Outbound DNS requests

Hi all,

I am trying to find out all the outbound connection my camera’s are trying to make. I see it makes DNS requests to:


I absolutely see no reason the camera ping a site in china every 30 seconds. Keep alive is important for your service, but why not use a wyze server for it, than Chinese servers or even google.com?
I want to set my firewall to allow what is needed and not having this cameras unchecked going to places.

Not sure how the security is but you can always mask the connection points.

Mask it how. Not sure my dinky little router can do that.
I run my own DNS server with blocking and I blocked both cm and gm connections, so the device switched to google.com. It pinged it about 5k times just in the past 11 hours.

Looks like the GM and CM was primary DNS and Google was secondary. Was it a continuous ping or a one hop ping?

It would make sense to ping that much to check connectivity as well as it has to have DNS to do anything. I could see where it would be needed with events on the device into the cloud.

I get the reason, but still would much prefer it pings a wyze server than a manufacturer in China.

I would tend to agree but maybe there are reasons.

Instead of blocking dns queries on your router you can use a service like open dns and block all dns traffic that you don’t want.

OpenDNS works like a charm. I use it to block cm.iotcplatform.com (the Chinese one). Between the filter categories and custom blocking options it gives excellent control. iotcplatform.com is part of ThroughTek and is the service used by Wyze for NAT punching.

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