Original Pre-order Band please come back - Swap?

I liked the original pin/hole Band strap, that came with the pre-order shipments. Mine broke and Customer Service sent me a new one, but it was the buckle type. Contacted Wyze and they say pin/hole is not available.

1). If you order a new Band, will it come with the original pin/hole or a new buckle strap?

2). Anyone want to swap? Does anyone have a pin/hole strap they don’t use, I can send you a new buckle strap that has not been opened yet. Need a non-buckle strap or can’t wear my Band. Bummed.

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The new buckle style is what it will come with and it’s the standard now.
This is what looks to be on the watches too.

Why do you like the older type of strap? What not the newer one? (Just wondering)

I liked the quick on and quick off with one hand /two fingers. The buckle strap is for a watch not the Band. I’ve hunted the internet, forum, anyplace that may have one. Does Wyze HQ have any laying around? I’ll buy or swap for the buckles I have.

i also would prefer the ‘peg’ type closure on the band…this band sucks. it constantly undoes itself all day long, and gets caught on everything.i’ve made inquiries to the company about the other style, but have never had any reply…i’m thinking of trying a different brand, even though i really like the functionality of this one.