ONVIF Compliant

+1 for ONVIF

Another Blue Iris user wanting to integrate some wyzecams for my indoor cameras… currently doing it on open IP and it is flaky.

+1 for ONVIF compliance

+1 for ONVIF compatible (Not necessarily licensed), or RTSP

Some way to view these camera’s other than a phone app would really make them appealing to a larger base of customers

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  • for Blue Iris


Just think how many cameras you would sell!!


Thanks in advance for making that happen

I just bought this camera from an Amazon seller who said it was ONVIF compliant. Imagine my surprise and disappointment to discover it isn’t, making it basically a paperweight.

I have to say in this day and age, I’m absolutely gobsmacked that a company is making a non-ONVIF, non-RSTP wireless camera. It’s a mind-boggling design decision—about on par with a printer that can’t use USB or a digital camera that can’t use memory cards. Seriously, guys? Are you for real?

I am returning the camera. Shame, because it seemed well-designed.

+1 for ONVIF compatibility / RTSP. Bought 12 V2s several months ago, still not using them, optimistically awaiting the moment they will work with Blue Iris.

+1 for ONVIF/RTSP. I would replace my existing camera’s with wyze if I could get 1080p and night support with ONVIP compatiblity.

+1 for ONvif and Third Party Software compatibility like BlueIris or ISpy

This ONVIF is a big killer. I know the OEM and the cloud service they use. I’m pretty sure they drive what’s happening with the firmware. The cloud service was negotiated most likely to what Wyse uses now.

With the implementation of RTSP in beta, Wyze cameras can now be connected to NVR software such as Netcam Studio or Blue Iris.

So if I buy a V2 cam off Amazon, I will be able to hook up to Blue Iris. ? Just want to make sure I understood you correctly.

If you are a beta tester and update the firmware on the camera to use the RTSP firmware, yes, you can.

I would also be a +1 for ONVIF

+1 for ONVIF

This isn’t a wishlist. A +1 here does nothing… if you want to vote for it, you have to actually go here: ONVIF Protocol

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Sounds like you have a plan for your needs.

Hopefully you aren’t serious about trashing them. I am certain there are a number of others here that would be happy to take them off your hands and prevent them from contributing to e-waste.

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