Not picking up movement right away

I have noticed the WYZE Cam ver3 will not pick up all movement. I watch live and I can see a person enter the 36 apt courtyard but when I view Events> Recent Events they are already halfway or more across.
Is there a setting that will record the whole movement?

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Cam Plus will allow you unlimited length recordings with no cooldown.

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Thanks for answering. I have Cam Plus. What I mean is the Events button and not seeing all the movement.

Hmm, ensure you don’t have a detection zone blocking some of the screen. Try increasing sensitivity of detection. Make sure you don’t have any filters enabled when viewing events. In settings for the cam, so you see blue PLUS

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Hello, How to increase the sensitivity of detection?

In the cams settings, detection settings > slider.

Where is detection settings > ?
I am in Settings but do not see detection settings.
I have no Rules.

Live view the camera, hit the gear icon in upper right, and detection settings should be there

Thanks. I already had it set to 100 High. The Detection was On and the squares were all lighten. How to
It was already lighten so it should capture everything to the back gate which is about 100ft away.
It seems to be about half that distance that the detection works.

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I get this on my CP V3’s as well. Even with the sensitivity jacked up, the CP PD events sometimes do not contain the leading motion that activated the cam or they will cut out a bit early. They just pushed an AI update to the cloud so I am hoping that it improves the PD accuracy.

I can only speculate that the time required by the AI Server Bot in interrogating the AI videos has something to do with it.

One of the remedies to mitigate this video loss is to have a High Endurance uSD inserted recording continuous so that you can jump to the playback from the event and scrub back 30s at a time to get to the event trigger.

Thanks, I do have a SD card in the camera. The Events is much easier to look at. I tried Playback and it works going back 30 secs or more to see as an example someone opening the back gate and then walking all the way to their apt instead of in the Events where it shows them half way there already.

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I agree. I use them mainly for the immediate PD notification review then jump to the playback too to see ‘everything’ and record if I need to.

That is a LONG way to capture events reliably. Can you post a picture of the view?

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