No "register account" option from the forum

You can only create an account if you go back to the main website. The only option at the forum is to sign into an existing account. This seems like an oversight or a really bad decision.

Not an oversight. Explicit decision that forum accounts have to be tied to a Wyze account.

and how would putting a link to the registration page on the sign-in page (like every other website out there) contravene this?

Just to be clear, I wasn’t and am not involved in this decision (being a volunteer mod). But I’d guess that it’s kind of assumed that as Wyze user, you’d already have a Wyze account. I’ll pass this along in case they want to add a link back to the main Wyze site for signup.

@THX1138… Turns out, you’re ahead of the curve! I just found out that this is already in the works and should be deployed in the coming weeks.


@THX1138… There is now a “register” link on the forum login page. Thanks for the suggestion!