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Ok, then based on your screen shots and your most recent statements that since you dont use cloud storage, there wont be any thumbnails in the event tab then which is what the screenshots show. Also based on your screen shots of the playback screen, the local storage is working based on the teal populated parts on the timeline. I am sorry i am not understanding what the issue is.

Here are the support pages for all things V3 where you can reference on the camera functions and troubleshooting questions.

Also here is the contact info for Support.

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Screenshots of events on the events page.

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That is the basic cloud service, where you only get thumbnails saved to the event tab/viewer in the app. You can see that they are just thumbnails because they have the little image icon on the lower left. You get these by enabling detect motion in the cloud storage event recording settings. If you want actual videos saved in their place, you’ll need at least Cam Plus Lite linked to the cameras.

I don’t use cloud service.
I use SD cards and have only ever used SD storage.
Events have always populated.
Today, events stopped populating.
I have always been able to view video through either the events thumbnails, or live view playback.
Without events populating, everyone who uses SD storage will have to watch playback for hours on end to see if there were any events.

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  1. opened live view

  2. viewing playback on video

  3. viewing video playback through events thumbnail.
    The thumbnails open to event video

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You have been using the cloud service you just did’nt know it. When you put your sd card in and set to continuous it records everything to the sd card until its full then records over. Like you said if you just use it that way it is very difficult to find when something happened. Scroll through hours of footage to find out what happened after the fact.

When you turn on record events, when the camera thinks something happened it sends the data to the cloud to be processed.

If you are in basic mode you will get a still image in your event tab. Cam plus light gets you a 12 second clip. Cam plus gets clips as long as motion is detected.

Its the cloud part that is messed up right now. Thats why your events do not populate.

When it was working right you can use the event to jump to the correct location on your sd card with no searching.

The benifit of cam plus should be the AI only notifiying you of events that you want to see, a person/vehicle not a shadow or tree moving in the wind but that is a whole other issue.


Do you have to be subscribed to one of the offered plans (i.e. cam plus lite, etc) to use cloud storage?

OK here is how it works at least as I understand it.

Everything that shows up in the event tab is stored in the cloud.

If you don’t subscribe to one of the plans then when you get a triggered event recording all you get is a still picture in your event tab. This is basic mode

If you subscribe to lite you can get 12 second clips and the ability to use person detect. Light still has a 5 minute cool down period between events where it will not save to the cloud and notify you of motion, but you still have the full video on SD card

Since you have a sd card the length of the clips should not matter to you. But person detect would in theory let you only get a event/notification when a person is in frame if it works which is hit or miss. If it doesn’t realize it is a person in the first 12 seconds you would not get a notification. Then there is 5 minutes before it will check again. If you dont use person detect you may get lots of useless notifications. But if you set it to only notify for person detected and it doesnt recoginze a person in that first 12 seconds you will miss the notification. The video will still be on your SD card until you run out of room and it starts recording over itself.

Paying for cam plus or cam plus pro eleminates the 5 minute cool down timer between events and gives more choices for AI to identify things in the videos.

The AI is still flaky. Example, a car is always parked in driveway, when motion is detected for whatever reason, the AI sees this parked car and you get a alert saying vehicle detected. I have a camera pointed at my driveway. Sometimes it picks up a car arriving and sometimes it doesn’t. Works better during the day.

Edited where I was trying to explain issues with person detection. In general the wyze cams work great for situations where you want to look and see what is happening now, or with the sd card what happened at a specific time. As far as getting notified that something is happening now go take a look its much more limited. You either get way to many notifications or not one at the right time. Its like a car alarm. They go off when you dont want them and when they do nobody does anything.

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Same issue here. All cameras (8 cam V2 with + license) stopped recording yesterday morning. The recording was working again from this morning.
I have tried Wyze official support earlier, but I find the threes in my garden to be more responsive. It was at no use at all, so I have just hoped it will be fixed.

I had the same issue this morning. I would get notifications but nothing was showing in the Events page. Resetting Filters at the bottom of the Events page fixed the problem for me.

I don’t subscribe to any service, I only use SD storage.
I prefer local storage to cloud storage.
I don’t use AI detection as I am not subscribed to any plan.
I have always gotten the events thumbnails, and when I tap the thumbnail it opens to the event video which is as long as I allow it to play, not just a 12 second video clip.

But this morning around 1 am my events began populating again, and so far things are back to the way they should be.

Oh, also, my cards don’t record over the stored data once full.
They only allow video to be viewed through the event’s thumbnail, but don’t allow any scrolling through playback through live feed.
I have to format the cards myself, then they start continuous recording again.

I was trying that, but it wouldn’t do anything.
I would get a quick flash of something then nothing would happen.

Like yours, This AM mine were both back to normal. Funny how we all had the same issue without Wyze having one!

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My 5 v2 cams are back to working correctly as of this morning also.

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