No C Wire No Control Board - Wiring

Thermostat is standard 4 wires. I have located the 4 wires inside the AC but there is no control board. The 4 wires are “wire nutted” together with other wires. I did locate a thick brown wire that ties into a second thin red wire accompanied by another white wire. In the picture attached you’ll see what I mean. In this case what would become the C wire (I bet it has to do with the brown wire), how do I wire the C Adapter and once that is figured out what answers do I give the Wyze App setup? Thanks!

the brown wire is C.
leave the white in Y and the red in C. attach the ribbon cables from the C adapter to their proper wirenuts, and move the blue Y, the red R the white W and the green G to the C adapter terminals.

Working! Thank you very much!

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