Night vision at specific time

Of course you could also go the IR supplemental light route to get detail without the target noticing the extra light.

IR supplemental light?

Would that just be ir light that the camera can pick up?

Yes exactly. They’re pretty cheap but I’ve never tried one. Search the forum for “illuminator”. Here is one thread.

Before you spring for an IR illuminator, try adjusting your cam down a little to eliminate the glare/flare of your streetlight (upper limit noted by red line):

Then go into your cam’s advanced settings and set Night Vision Mode to Auto and Night Vision IR Lights to Off. See if that adjustment and setting properly trigger the switch to NV mode at night.

If the NV switch works and you wish to run the cam’s IR lights, set Night Vision IR Lights to Near and Night Vision Conditions to Dusk. For your use case, it’s important to set NV Conditions to Dusk, not Dark. You can set the IR Lights to Far if you wish, but you’ll get more annoying triggers from flying insects.

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I find a low wattage lights work better. I use solar lights and most which are less than $10t WM. work well for illunimation. Whats the wattage…I dont know,but if I ever go to town and remember,Ill get some different bulbs/watts and put them in my drop light and seewhat works the best. Im guessing its near 10 watts that make the illumination the best.