New Wyzies URL

Hey, everyone!

We’re really excited to get started but are running into technical difficulties with the Wyzies live stream. We are going to be streaming using the following URL:


It was a great event! Congrats to Jean(?) for the grand prize, and to all of the other winners!

Can’t wait for all of the products that were teased!


:sunrise: Congratulations, Jean! Awesome time lapse! :trophy:

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Cool event… Congrats to the Jean! That’s a tough timelapse video to beat. Any consolation prizes for the nominees of each category? :wink:

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Thank you for sharing this for those of us that missed the live stream. :+1: That bobcat pooping in the pool made me spew my coffee. :rofl: Congrats to Jean-Pierre and all of you other winners!

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I don’t think we have consolation prizes but that may be something we factor in for next year! No promises, though. :slight_smile:

That time lapse is lovely! And the bobcat video is the only time I’ve laughed at seeing that kind of activity. :grin: