New to Wyze, have questions

  1. My cameras do not always sync. Every time I open the app on my phone I have to wait and sometimes it takes 10 minutes or never to see the camera. My door sensors do the same.

Any suggestions?

  1. I have 6 cameras around my house and in the back of the house I have a WIFI extender. Is there a way to connect some cameras to the extender and others to the main WIFI, so I get a better signal?

  2. Is there an app for the computer? I have a Mac and would like to see the cameras.

  3. The video at night is not very good. Other that adding lights any suggestions? I already have the camera night mode on.



How do you have the cameras listed in the app? How many cameras? In a group? What kind of WiFi network do you have? How many other WiFi connections does it have active? The more info the better. I suspect the network may not be able to handle the added traffic.

If the extender has a different WiFi SSID, then re-setup the cameras and choose that SSID as the one you want them to connect to. I dont have an extender in my system, so i don’t have personal experience with them, but haven’t heard very positive things about them.

Short answer is no. But there are work arounds like the RTSP firmware that can be put on the camera, but i’ll let a Mac person chime in here with their experiences. :slight_smile:

Going to need more info here about what the camera is trying to see, its distance from the camera, and what the camera settings are. To vague of info given to even take a guess. How about a daytime and nighttime photo so the collective mind here can weigh in for starters? Thanks!

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