New Beta firmware released on 3/25

I used the bulk firmware update on 5 V2 and 1 Pan at once without issue. That is a first for me since bulk firmware update was added.

I thought I was doing something wrong but apparently it is still doing it. I reset the detection zone and now it will remain in the area I pointed for a period of time. Then at random go to the same position it was going to previously. I do not have any event
logs showing anything,as I do not have motion ,sound ,pan scan or motion track activated. So far I have had two of my cameras have moved on there own during the day. I monitor my house often,and have it set at a particular location for each camera. I looked
at my cameras this morning and last night. The camera I have aimed at front door was aiming toward a building wall. My other camera have aimed at my dogs in backyard was aimed at fence. They are returning to the same position as before I reset the detection
zone. I tested the detection zone by moving camera after I set new zone and it returned to location I set after 15 seconds. So I figured problem solved ,but now it does it after 5 hours or more . If you can send directions on how to send data logs I will.
But there are no event logs.

Mechanic, curious if there is a pattern with your cameras repositioning themselves. Do they all end up pointing straight ahead as if the “reset position” button was pressed? Or are they at differing off-angles, etc?

I have four pan cams ,two of them turned to new position on their own Overnight. I unplugged one and sure enough it went to same position as I found it . The other one I restarted device through app,and it went to position I found this morning. The power
did not go out and they are on opposite sides of my house,on separate circuits . So yes they went to default reset position.

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Discover sort crash issue has been fixed

Thanks! I can verify that Discover sort crash “fix” works fine in the current BETA app with BETA firmware. Once the official version is released to the public, I’ll test it again. Thanks for fixing it!

I guess this is related to beta also so I will post a link


Mechanic, my experience with this is that I have set my own waypoints within the pan & scan settings, but I keep pan & scan itself disabled. The camera will honor its last known waypoint if motion detection is actually enabled.

If you have motion detection (not tracking, pan & scan, etc.) off, it almost sounds as if your cameras are power cycling and simply returning to the zero position. Curious to know if you get any different results with position consistency trying it the way I use mine.

My pan in only one room has been moving a bit as well. Still testing on if it was resetting or not or if someone has the access somehow. Aimed the camera at the wall for the moment at the actual reset position. If it aims towards the bed in our room I will know for sure something else is going on besides it resetting itself. The wife is worried someone is spying.