Network Attached Storage (NAS)

That looks a lot like, what everyone has been asking for. Nah, can’t be.

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NAS is irrelevant - just need rtsp with a config interface on the camera so we can control the stream parameters. Also, make sure auto switch to night vision works, and you’re done. No more, no less. I just want to stress and ask that this be kept simple simple simple. Don’t need an app, or any software for “the most popular NAS.” We want to plug the stream into programs that already exist.

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Oh please no. There are great “boxes” all over the place you can pickup right now that do just this. Just get the video stream available in the standard way that everyone uses. It’s the whole reason that we have to deal with the pain and instability of the DaFang firmware project - we just want configurable RTSP.


WD PR4100 and WD MyBookLive
Also have BlueIris server running so almost any protocol will work, especially RTSP

Synology 1618+
CIFS or NFS mounts would be great.

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Mostly agree.
While many of us have RTSP friendly servers that handle the NVR processing on their own, in cases where someone doesn’t have such, or that server suffers any downtime, it would be nice to know there’s a redundant stream. Not nice enough that I’d want it if it slows down the RTSP though, which I’m confident that it would.

This feature would be great on the cloud version though. My cameras hate the SD cards, or serving content from them anyhow. And I’m not prone to buying high speed cards, that cost more than the camera, to smooth this out.

synoloy DS418j
yes rtsp is supported


The QNAP NAS has the ability to interface with IP cameras so it can act as a VTR. I wish there is support for this with the Cameras.

Qnap ts563

WD MY CLOUD 2 TB. Unsure of model number. I’ve had it awhile . Would be willing to upgrade to a newer model or brand to be able record WYZE video stream 24/7

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ReadyNas 102 & 104

QNAP 253b

My Zyxel NSA 310 is still on duty

Synology DS1513+. Plan upgrade soon to DS1819+ or better.

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Windows Server 2016
Raspberry Pi 3

Could you please provide a quick update on this topic? It’s nice to see it “in-development” but it would be cool to have an idea on the progress/status.



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Sorry, Frank! I know that we’re making progress on it but I don’t have an update on this past that.

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This is a good idea, and if it is the best way to get RTSP supported then I’m all for it. So I’m voting for this. I’d still rather have baked in support for cloud storage to get the data fully off-prem without needing to set up replication.


Synoloy DS218j, best NAS system ever, makes sense to pair it with the best security camera system ever.

Can I just say how much I appreciate Wyze putting an effort into this initiative, as well as many others like it. It is increasingly RARE to see a US company deploy a product/service development strategy which rises above the standard myopic strategy focused on scratching every penny from it’s customers possible.

Most companies at this point would elect to put the resources and corporate focus on some cloud storage solution, which of course they can charge for. At most, they would develop some half baked NAS with incompatible proprietary software to force customers to purchase it directly from them.

Wyze Cams instead is putting what appears to be a concerted effort into integrating with many different NAS systems, and doing so based on customers input. It takes some oft ignored wisdom to recognize that while Wyze Cams won’t see direct revenue by selling Wyze brand proprietary NAS hardware, they will see a level of fierce customer loyalty, the likes of those driven by greed never will.

Keep going Wyze, never stop doing what you do best, and never let anyone convince you that increasing profits is more important than the health and welfare of your employees and satisfaction & loyalty of your customers!


Thank you, pete3500! And thanks for considering our health and welfare. We’ll return the favor to the best of our ability. :slight_smile: