Need to rotate v2 camera 90 degrees

Is there a way to rotate the v2 90 degrees instead of 180 degrees? I have the v2 sideways but I am trying to view it and I cant get it to view straight, 180 degrees it too much.


there is not. currently they only have it in 2 perspectives because of the picture measurement.

here is the Wishlist item if you would like to vote for that feature.

I laid my cameras on their sides to get stereo view. got the idea from

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thanks @Bam

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90 degrees would be nice, I have it mounted on the side of wall pointing down a stairway. from what I can tell, person detection does not work at this angle. suppose will need to use some type of adhesive on the side of the camera

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Velcro work s wonders. I use it until I’m sure I have everything where I want it, then go with a more permanent mount.

nice, good idea, will try that