Nearly Impossible to Use App to Check Motion Recordings

I can’t be the only person experiencing this. When I have motion sensor on, it will record for 5 min or less. As you know, when you go to playback, the prior recording times are indicated by a green bar below the time/date. Well, if it records for 5 min or less, I literally spend 10 minutes trying to move the cursor with my finger to that specific line of recording. I give up most of the time. There has to be a way to make there be a larger icon or something you can click on to watch motion sensed recordings without having to attempt to land a hairline cursor directly on top of a hairline recording line.

After you get the cursor in the neighborhood of the recording you want to watch, place two finders on the timeline and move them apart sideways (reverse pinch gesture). This will expand the time scale. When fully expanded, each tick mark will represent 12 seconds instead of 6 minutes as in your screenshot. Then place a finger on the timeline and drag it around watching either the timeline markings or the digital time that pops up over the video frame while dragging.

Yeah, that UI is basically unusable. You’re not the only one.

rmclawhorn and Carlos, Read what RickO said. It is very easy to select the time within a few seconds when you expand the timeline.


One feature which will help with this issue, i.e. the search green line will snap to the closest event. For example, if I move the green line to the right, the line will snap to the closest event on the right when I stop moving the green line.

The Samsung Smartcam app has this snap on event, Previous video and Next video features. And there is no “No video at the selected time” issue.


I disagree. It’s possible, but far from easy. Could be just me, but that’s how I see it.


It’s doable, and the expansion certainly helps, but here’s hoping they come up with a better interface.

Actually it’s very easy. Within a few seconds, I can be at any specified time (+ or - 10 seconds).


it would be nice if the timeline jumped to the next event after the current event ends, and/or a button to move to the next event.

That would help a lot. My current NVR has a view showing the recordings in a text list, one after the other. I can quickly see if there are a bunch of activations, see a thumbnail from each, how long each is, etc etc. When I wonder if something is up, this view tells me a lot.