My Wyze vacuum bot usage observations and a consistent docking failure issue

My only base-line for comparison with vacuum bot is that with the Romba 980.
My Wyze vacuum bot operates on the second floor of a 2-stories house with a carpeted or tile floor rooms.

Some issues that others in the forum has reported that I also encountered: lack of support for multiple maps and difficulty in opening the dust bin door.

Below are the a few issues/observation that I have run into…

  1. Initial set-up took me multiple trails to get the “resetting wi-fi” message;
    had difficulty noticing the blinking buttons since fingers are pressing on the buttons.

  2. Map-wise, no issue getting the initial map; the vacuum bot currently treats the stairs area as a “room”.

  3. a consistent docking failure
    First, the room is carpeted; the charging station is placed against the wall trim; the bot fails to dock for charging consistently. It seems that the bot cannot make sufficient contact with the bottom metal plate.
    The bot’s top and bottom metal plates are slightly out of vertical alignment with the springy contacts of the charging station, prevent docking to complete successfully; misalignment may be due to carpet leveling or a gap at the bottom contact on the charging station (not sure it is just a manufacturing defect with this particular unit.) See picture attached.
    Work around that I have tried and failed include: putting in shims and placing charging station on a sturdy floor mat. The unit,however, will charge properly if I manually put the unit up to the charging station.

Thank you in advance for your comments.