My Shared feature is consistently not working

I added the WYZE app at my husband Android cell. It was working for a few minutes on the initial invite . Then every time he closes the app, and re-opens it, it has been asking to “add camera” . I end up going through all the initial steps. I did these process 4x in one day hoping it will stay online, having to match, sync and type my Wifi password is annoying. In addition to this, I keep “inviting” him as a shared user, and he never gets the email to accept. The invite only worked once, the 1st time I invited him. So please help ! I love this inexpensive camera which pretty much does all what I need. Any suggestions how to fix this bug? thanks!

We are having the same problem.

These cameras are installed in one of our facilities within my employer’s network and I am unable to add other individuals, including myself with the private account I maintain for the Wyze cameras I have installed at home. WYZECAM- PLEASE HELP!


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Same issue here