Multiples request for time synchronization in lest than a second from multiples servers

Camera V3, V2 and wyze doorbell are requesting multiples time synchronization in lest than a second from multiples servers.,,,, in total for each one around 140,000 requests. The worst part is not synchronizing the clock of the cameras.

I have my own NTP server for synchronizing all my devices clocks. I don’t have any problem with any of my devices except wyze cameras, they don’t synchronize with the NTP server and try to sneak out of the network making thousands of request to multiples external servers. Wyze devices are the only one behaving in these way.

If one of the cameras disconnect from the network, I can not re-connected until I allowed the camera to connect to the outside NTP server.

That is a bad behavior for device not synchronizing the clock with a internal NTP server.

My NTP server is a stratum 1 synchronized with a GPS PPS signal. I didn’t have any problem with any other devices synchronizing with my server, even apple and google devices synchronize without any problem.

I have a rule in my firewall to redirect outgoing NTP traffic to an internal NTP server for those devices I can not change the settings, again I didn’t have any problem only with wyze.

There is any way to fix this problem, is not right how this cameras behave, on my internal NTP server wyze cameras were black listed (KoD) because of the multiples request and also slow down DNS resolver service.


Well known problem - for a long time. I also have a Stratum 1 NTP, but ended up changing the forward rules in my router so that the IP range that the Wyze cameras have don’t re-direct to my NTP server…

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where in router to do the forward rules?

In my router, I just set up a redirect of any port 123 traffic on most of the LANs so that it points to my NTP server. Not however that I am NOT running a consumer grade router.